Dacia Toll



Dacia Toll is co-founder and co-CEO of Coursemojo, a leading ed-tech company, which has developed a best-in-class, curriculum-aligned, AI-powered assistant teacher. “Mojo” is designed to bridge the gap that exists between the high-quality instructional materials that districts have adopted and the diversity of student needs that exist in classrooms, especially with the learning gaps from the pandemic. With the goal of supporting both teachers and diverse learners, “Mojo” helps educators differentiate instruction by providing each student (MLL, students with IEPs, advanced students, struggling readers) with targeted, Socratic, one-on-one and small group support (in 50+ languages) in the context of either core class instruction or intervention support. In 1999, Dacia led the founding team and served as the principal of Amistad Academy in New Haven, CT. Under Dacia’s leadership, the school posted the greatest achievement gains of any middle school in the state. Dacia then co-founded and co-led Achievement First (AF), which became one of the nation's leading charter school networks with 41 schools across the Northeast and college graduation rates that were five times peer averages. Dacia left Achievement First in July 2021 to launch Coursemojo. Dacia was also a founder and board member of Relay Graduate School of Education and 50CAN. Dacia received a BA from UNC-Chapel Hill, an MA from Oxford University, and a JD and teaching certification from Yale University.