Colleen Broderick

Director, Learning and Design, Next Education Workforce

Arizona State University

From Silicon Valley to Switzerland, Boulder to Brazil, Colleen has spent her career investigating how we can ensure all learners, regardless of age, have access to opportunities that enable them to thrive. As an experienced educational leader committed to transforming learning conditions, Colleen has directly impacted thousands of students and teachers across the education ecosystem. Her work spans leadership roles in educational technology, philanthropic foundations, and national school reform organizations and includes work with schools in the US and abroad, including Malaysia, Kazakhstan, and Nepal. She is a certified master practitioner of the Compassionate Systems Framework with MIT’s Center for System Awareness and a trained facilitator of the Immunity to Change process for individuals and teams. Currently, she serves as the Director of Learning and Design for Arizona State University’s The Next Education Workforce initiative. She likes nothing better than discovering and designing experiences that create space for our biggest possibilities to emerge.