Colin Sailor

AI Equity Alliance

Colin Sailor, an innovator in special education, leverages AI to democratize learning opportunities. As a Founding Member of The AI Equity Alliance and a dedicated Special Education Teacher at St. Vrain Valley Schools, Colin Sailor is celebrated for his innovative contributions to educational reform and student engagement. His commitment lies in crafting equitable and relevant learning experiences, striving to redefine the educational landscape for all students. Colin’s roles as an AI Trailblazer Teacher Fellow with the AI Education Project and as a Member of the Advancing Equity Using AI Working Group through the Colorado Education Initiative showcase his commitment to inclusivity and empowerment in education. His work is aimed at preparing students to navigate future challenges with innovation and critical thinking, underlining his dedication to making AI a tool for educational equity. Colin is committed to a journey of discovery and innovation. He invites educators, school leaders, and tech enthusiasts to join him in this exciting endeavor, fostering a community where everyone contributes to and benefits from the advancements in AI literacy.