Chian Gong


Reach Capital

Chian is a managing partner at Reach Capital, a venture fund focused on early-stage education technology that empowers learners, parents and educators from early childhood through lifelong learning. She currently serves as board director for EveryDay Labs, Guardians Collective, Stepful and Winnie. Chian is a founding member of All Raise, an organization dedicated to accelerating the success of female founders and funders to build a more prosperous equitable future. She was previously a management consultant at Parthenon Group as well as ZS Associates where her work ranged from private equity due diligence to R&D pipeline forecasting. She also is an Education Pioneers alumnae with operational experience on the technology team at Aspire Public Schools. Chian entered the edtech ecosystem by organizing HacktivateED, an education hackathon focused on solving concrete needs for San Francisco Unified, Oakland Unified and Aspire Public Schools. She received her BS in Bioengineering from the University of California, Berkeley and a joint MBA/MPA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Kennedy School of Government.