Carlos Lopez

Assistant Superintendent


Dr. Carlos Lopez is the Assistant Superintendent of the Ypsilanti Community Schools, where he is responsible for all aspects of a district’s guaranteed and viable curriculum, serves as a member of the executive leadership cabinet, serves as a leadership coach, and is responsible for the full implementation of the district-wide MICIP process. Dr. Lopez leads the district’s deep equity work in excellence, voice, and access by creating psychologically safe spaces where educators can model antiracist practices that ensure that all students are seen, heard, valued, and respected and loved. Dr. Lopez possesses a keen interest in processes, systems, and results and has a reputation for managing adversity and improving the school climate. Dr. Lopez has a rich and varied educational background that has expanded over 40 years in education. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Early Childhood Development, Masters of Arts in Teaching with a Bilingual Endorsement, and a Doctorate of Education in Curriculum Development and Leadership Development from Wayne State University. Over his career in education, Dr. Lopez has been responsible for the effective implementation of many programs and school initiatives that continue to make a difference in the lives of children today. . Dr. Lopez’s motto – “Don’t tell me that you believe that all children can learn – show me by your actions.”