Candice Sears

Director of Instructional Services

Montgomery County ESC

Candice Sears is an educational leader committed to reshaping education and providing transformative student experiences. Her focus on relationship-building and networking has propelled her career, highlighting the critical role of connections in fostering an enriching learning environment. Candice believes in the power of collaboration, emphasizing partnerships between students, educators, and the community to enhance educational outcomes.  She is an advocate for innovative educational practices, embracing technology and new pedagogies to engage students in personalized learning. Candice is dedicated to preparing students for the future, encouraging them to explore their passions and develop essential skills in a changing world. Her approach aims to offer tailored learning experiences that nurture individual talents and promote personal and academic growth.  Driven by a vision of an education system that empowers students and instills hope, Candice focuses on creating opportunities for every student to achieve their potential. Her work in educational leadership and innovation is aimed at building a future where education transcends traditional boundaries, equipping students with the tools they need to thrive and positively impact society. Connect with Candice  to be part of the journey toward reimagining education and exploring new possibilities.