Byran Dai

Co-Founder & CEO


Byran is the co-founder and CEO of Daivergent, a technology platform that evaluates and prepares 70 million job-seekers in the neurodivergent community for 21st century employment. Daivergent connects employers to job-seekers through its AI-powered matchmaking service, and has enabled thousands of individuals to attain self-sufficiency. The company provides neurodivergent talent with job training that consists of evidence-based assessments, career exploration, and modern skills development which can be completed on the Daivergent platform — creating the world's first upskilled talent pool from which employers can recruit. Prior to Daivergent, Byran led data science teams within healthcare technology, most recently at Quartet Health (a NYC-based behavioral technology company). He was motivated to found the company by his brother, Brandon, an autistic self-advocate and advisor to Daivergent. Byran received his BA from Harvard University, and his MS in Epidemiology from the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.