Borve Kharsyntiew

Program Manager

Meritus AI Learning Experiences Pvt Ltd

Hello. My name is Borve Daniel Artudo Kharsyntiew. I am an educational technologist from Chennai, India, dedicated to transforming learning experiences through the integration of technology and pedagogy. I have a background in research, education and technology - which helps bring a unique blend of expertise that aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice in educational settings. Education: I completed a Master of Technology (M. Tech) Degree in Biotechnology and a Bachelor’s of Technology (B. Tech) Degree from SRM University. I then joined as a Junior Research Fellow at the School of Bioengineering, SRM University where my focus of research was in Marine Biotechnology. It was when I joined Robotix Learning Solutions, a center of excellence in STEM education, that I got to delve into the world of educational technology. What drew me in & fascinated me, was how the process of learning subjects like science & math can be made intuitive and fun through the use of robots, coding, 3D printing etc. Professional Experience: I have over a decade of experience in the EdTech industry having worked across various roles and settings, which ranged from product development to teaching & curriculum development and even with sales & marketing. My first role was that of a Technical Engineer in the Research & Development department of Robotix Learning Solutions. I then went on to handle classes sessions in robotics, coding, astronomy etc. for students of Grades 4 to 8, which were part of the STEM Education curriculum. I liked to keep students engaged through a dynamic teaching style and also via hands-on, technology-driven learning experiences. I then joined the Sales & Marketing Team as a Business Development Executive, where my role was to provide Tech-Commercial support to the sales representative, on Robotix’s STEM Educational products. Through the culmination of experiences as a STEM Educator & in sales & marketing, I was then appointed as the Academic Programs Coordinator. In this role, I had to oversee a team of STEM Educators and organize various programs for schools which included in-school programs, after-school sessions & short term programs such as workshops, camps and seminars. The focus of these programs was to align the academic programs with educational technology integration, and help schools and organizations leverage technology such as coding, robotics, data science and AI to enhance teaching and learning outcomes of their students. My current role is that of a Program Manager at the Meritus Centre of Creativity & Innovative Learning. Contributions to Educational Technology: There have been many significant highlights in my journey in educational technology. I have worked on developing various lesson plans & curriculum but one of my favorites is the development of a curriculum on data science for students of Grades 6 to 8, called the MetaCognitive Reflective Learning (MCRL) Lab is one of my favorite achievements. This curriculum focused on engaging students with the ideas & importance of the collection, visualization, cleaning & prediction of data & also how data can be applied in various real-world scenarios. Another highlight was when I was invited to give a presentation on 'Transformational AI & Coding Education for K-12 Education' at 21st World Education Summit 2021 organized by ELETS. In another instance, I was invited by HT School to give a workshop on AI called 'Journey into a future with AI' for students & educators. It was also a privilege to interact with teachers from all over the country of India where I had to conduct a workshop on “Artificial Intelligence technologies in the classroom” at Teachathon 2021 conducted by the Indian Institute of Education & Management (IIEM). Current Role: Currently, my role is that of a Program Manager at the Meritus Centre of Creativity & Innovative Learning. My tasks include overseeing different projects and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams of designers, developers, and educators to create innovative solutions such as products, courses & curriculum in robotics, artificial Intelligence, data science etc.. that support teaching and learning STEM education to schools across the world. Conclusion: I would like to close by saying that I am grateful to be in a field where the idea is to help K-12 students have fun while learning with the help of emerging technologies. I am committed to staying at the forefront of emerging trends and technologies in education, through actively engaging in research, teaching, and curriculum development and always seeking new opportunities to push the boundaries of educational technology and make a positive impact on K-12 learners.