Bonnie Wilde

Executive Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement

Enterprise Technology, Arizona State University

Meet Bonnie Wilde, M.Ed., the force behind partnerships and community engagement at Enterprise Technology (ET) of Arizona State University (ASU). Bonnie has worn many hats over 25 years of dedication to ASU, from savvy analyst to visionary Director of Enterprise Solutions, where she led a top-notch team in advancing the university's Enterprise CRM solution. As the Executive Director of Partnerships and Community Engagement, she creates ripples of change with her infectious energy, diving headfirst into fostering external partnerships with vendors while leading the charge in community engagement initiatives. She is an architect of collaboration, weaving together threads of academia and community to create a tapestry of impact. Bonnie has served as an Institutional Representative for Arizona Women in Higher Education, pouring her passion into empowering women in the field. She's has also served a mentor to many staff via the Empowering Leaders program within ET. With a fervent belief in the power of diversity, Bonnie champions opportunities for girls and women to thrive within IT organizations. Bonnie isn't just leading the charge; she's igniting a movement, one collaborative endeavor at a time with passion, creativity, and a dash of wild determination.