Bodo Hoenen



Bodo Hoenen is a collective intelligence scientist and serial entrepreneur who has developed multiple successful products, one of which was an LMS that Google took on. Since then his focus has been on collective intelligence where he's been running experiments and building numerous novel prototypes to rapidly accelerate learning and innovation. His work came crashing into his personal life when his 5-year-old daughter suddenly became paralyzed and they needed to rapidly figure out a solution. Using the experimental work he's been conducting, over the course of several months, tapping into the collective intelligence of strangers all over the world, they rapidly learned and innovated. They built a Brain-controlled exoskeleton that allowed his daughter to move again, with her now traveling to medical conferences around the world to share this amazing story. This educational infrastructure that allowed for rapid acceleration of learning and innovation is being built as a scalable solution for the future of learning through the company NOLEJ.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

5:30 pm
7:00 pm

Stage X


Stage X Tuesday Dinner (GSV Cup Top 20)

Seaport Ballroom A-E, Level 2