Bianca Barquin

Assistant Superintendent of K-12 Teaching & Learning

Santa Ana Unified School District

With over two decades of experience in the education sector, Bianca Barquin proudly serves as the Assistant Superintendent of K–12 Teaching in the Santa Ana Unified School District. An ardent advocate for transforming educational environments, Bianca oversees the pivotal areas of Teaching & Learning, Support Services, and Expanded Learning. Her journey through education has been extensive and diverse, holding positions as Director of Elementary Education, Director of Human Resources, Intermediate School Principal, Assistant Principal, and Coordinator of Student Achievement in the Research & Evaluation Department, among others. Bianca has also made significant contributions as a curriculum specialist, staff developer, resource teacher, teacher, and coach. Her educational philosophy is centered around creating schools that students are eager to attend, places where curiosity is ignited, creativity is nurtured, and learning is made both real and exciting. Leading with a passion for innovation and authenticity, Bianca is dedicated to revolutionizing the education system, making it not just about attending school, but about loving every moment spent within its walls. Under her leadership, the focus extends beyond traditional classroom teaching to encompass support services and beyond, with a constant quest to make learning more engaging, meaningful, and fun. Bianca envisions schools as vibrant communities where every day offers an adventure in learning, transforming the educational landscape into one where students are empowered with confidence and the skills needed for the future. Together with an outstanding team, Bianca is on a mission to ensure that education becomes the thrilling journey it truly ought to be.