Bethanie Maples

Founder and CEO

Atypical AI

Bethanie Drake-Maples, Founder and CEO of Atypical AI, is a leader in the field of artificial intelligence for education, conceptualizing and developing AI technologies for learning in some of the preeminent companies and labs around the world. She led technical teams at Google AI and Google X, is former NLP startup co-founder, and has scaled companies from new to IPO in senior executive positions. Bethanie has conducted research as part of the Stanford Autonomous Agents, AI+Ed, Human-Computer Interface, and Generative AI+Education Labs, and is a Graduate Fellow at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence. She is a published expert and distinguished speaker on AI, education, and Intelligent Social Agents. Advisor to international humanitarian and economic organizations, Bethanie has taught in low-income communities around the world from Uganda to India to Mexico. She is a New Zealander, and when not thinking about technology and learning, she loves to read science fiction.