Ben Dodson



Ben Dodson, an Emory University alumnus (2012), has crafted an over decade-long career in data science, AI, and data engineering. Starting at Deloitte, he laid a foundation in technology and business solutions, before pivoting to specialize in AI and machine learning. His expertise in AI led to roles at Google and Snapchat, where he further honed his skills, earning multiple patents for developing innovative AI solutions to complex business challenges, such as using advanced vision transformer networks to improve media quality at scale. Ben was also an early contributor and data scientist to startups Mux and Marqeta, both of which later went on to achieve unicorn status. In 2023, Ben founded Doowii, an AI assistant for data scientists in the educational sector. The startup is driven by a clear vision: to empower educators to improve student outcomes by unlocking the power of data. Doowii represents Ben’s commitment to using AI to create meaningful, positive change in education, demonstrating his belief in the potential of technology to transform how we approach teaching and learning.