Badr Ward

Founder and CEO


Badr WardFounder and CEO of LamsaBadr Ward instigated the Edtech for Children industry across the Middle East and North Africa.He is the founder and CEO of Lamsa, the leading Education technology platform for Children, ranked as the number one application for Children across more than 10 Arabic markets on both Google’s Play and Apple’s App Store, delivering Digital Interactive Learning experiences to more than 20 Million Arabic speaking Children globally.Led by the latest in Early Childhood Development (ECD) research & Education Technology, Lamsa is the essential learning companion in every child's developmental years, laying the foundation for lifelong development and success, in the years that really matter.Ward was selected by the World Economic Forum as a member of the Global Future Council and an "Innovative Educator" by Expo2020 honored for his work on Innovative Education through Lamsa.