Arne Schepker



Arne is the CEO at Babbel, the No.1 destination for language learners globally. Babbel offers a whole ecosystem of language learning offerings that include the world’s best-selling language learning platform. As Babbel's CEO, he is committed to Babbel’s mission – helping people connect and communicate across cultures, enabling conversations that will ultimately transform our world. Arne is proud of the value-driven company and team he's built, with a clear focus on the success of language learners across the world. Arne joined Babbel as CMO in 2015, successfully scaling it from a start-up to a household brand with over 250M Euros in annual revenue in 2022 and over 16M paid subscriptions sold. Before joining Babbel, he was a Brand executive at Zalando and helped establish them as a highly credible fashion outlet, successfully paving the way towards profitability and an IPO.