Arjun Singh



Arjun Singh builds AI-powered products as the CEO and cofounder of Volition. Previously, Arjun was the CEO and cofounder of Gradescope, an online grading platform for handwritten and digital exams, homework, and projects. While a PhD student at UC Berkeley, Arjun built the first version of Gradescope to reduce the time he and his fellow instructors spent grading, without compromising on quality. After Turnitin acquired Gradescope in 2018, Arjun joined Turnitin's executive team as chief strategy officer. He also worked with edX to integrate Berkeley's early online course system and built the core for one of Berkeley's first MOOCs: Artificial Intelligence. His graduate research with Prof. Pieter Abbeel was on large-scale robotic perception. Arjun graduated from Berkeley with a BS in electrical engineering and computer science and a PhD in computer science.