Anshu Manik

Director, Technical Consulting

Wolfram Research, Inc.

Anshu Manik, Director of Technical Consulting at Wolfram Research Inc., is a distinguished technologist and leader. Graduating as a topper from IIT Delhi and earning UIUC fellowship and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he specializes in Computational Science and Engineering. With over 14 years at Wolfram, Anshu directs technical consulting globally.Beyond corporate realms, Anshu's impact resonates in academia and government. As a former Research Scientist at Michigan State University, he contributed significantly for three years. Serving on two national panels for the Government of India, he provides strategic insights into data science and artificial intelligence, reflecting his commitment to national technological advancements. Anshu's influence extends to educational technology, where he conceptualised a groundbreaking product for schools and colleges.Anshu Manik's global presence also includes pioneering work in civil engineering. With several papers published in international journals and conferences, he has been instrumental in advancing data science and artificial intelligence applications in this field.