Angelo Biasi

Founder / Chief Problem Solver


Angelo is the Founder / Chief Problem Solver of Solvably, an award-winning collaborative creative problem-solving platform for lifelong learners, founded in 2020. The tech was sold in 2022 and Biasi recently acquired it back in 2023 to solve for systemic “AI Literacy for ALL” via Solvably’s AI Centers of Excellence in K12, Higher Education, and Corporate Talent. As part of the unique Solvably active learning and authentic assessment experience, learners work in teams through a scaffolded process and solve for real-world challenges, using AI – by grade, major, or job role/function. They create an actionable deliverable as evidence, and evaluate soft skills as part of a shareable ePortfolio, proving AI Literacy and job readiness for an AI-infused workforce. Angelo is a frequent speaker and staff writer for edtech publications and outlets. He is committed to transforming teaching and learning at scale, and is driven to create a more qualified global talent pool through Solvably’s unique approach to systemic AI Literacy.