Andres Fleiz Jaso



Over the last 13 years, Andres Fleiz has performed in leadership and high management positions, in a wide range of endeavors, from EdTech startups and NGOs to private education groups in Mexico and Latin America. Throughout his experience, he has encountered a myriad of challenges in education and learning, tackling them from a product perspective, and consistently leveraged the power of innovation and technology. His achievements include graduating over 5,000 digital professionals across Latam from Bedu, a startup that won the GESA Award for innovation in education and secured the largest Series A funding for an EdTech in Mexico. Andres also contributed significantly to the education NGO sector, focusing on specialized training, entrepreneurship, and engineering innovation projects nationwide. Nowadays, Andres holds the position of CPO for Lottus Education, a platform with 6 universities, more than 90K students, and 45 campuses around Mexico, with more than 30% online students. There, Andres leads the digital transformation initiatives for the group, impacting its universities, colleges, and corporate training businesses. His efforts are focused on enhancing the educational experience of over 100K students while helping Lottus become one of the most prominent institutions within the education sector in México and Latam.