Amanda Gulley

Chief of Product & User Experience

EdPlus at ASU

With over15 years of experience in education, spanning both K-12 and higher education,Amanda has dedicated the past 8 years to accelerating human-centered design principles across the student experience at Arizona State University. Beyondher role as the Chief of Product and User Experience for EdPlus, her passion asa designer, researcher, and technologist has extended to mentoring over 100students and building and training teams across the industry.


At the helmof a multidisciplinary product team, Amanda places a special focus on emergingtechnologies like Extended Reality (XR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).Operating as an enterprise unit across ASU, her team is committed to creatinginnovative technology solutions that align with ASU's charter, promotingimproved student outcomes and taking fundamental responsibility for thecommunities they serve.


Amanda'steam spearheads user experience across diverse research and developmentinitiatives, emphasizing both innovation and increased access to highereducation globally through partnerships with other higher educationinstitutions and partnerships with the Air Force, Starbucks, Uber, Google, andthe Mastercard Foundation.


The EdPlusproduct teams have been featured in publications and trainings by the NielsenNorman Group, world leaders in research-based user experience. They've beeninterviewed on podcasts, showcasing one of the first design systems in highereducation and other topics such as UX maturity in the education industry.