Alison Lands

Head of Public Sector Strategy & Partnerships

SkyHive Technologies

Alison Lands is Head of Public Sector Strategy & Partnerships at SkyHive Technologies, a global innovator in skills intelligence that marries real-time labor market data with patented machine learning to provide actionable insight into today’s skills landscape and forecast emerging trends in the future of work. In her role, she partners with stakeholders across the workforce ecosystem to develop strategies for skills resilience and economic mobility, including Fortune 500 employers, postsecondary institutions, national, state and local governments, as well as NGOs and philanthropic organizations. With over 20 years of experience in workforce and economic development, Alison has held senior leadership roles at Coursera, Deloitte, BCG, the New York State Economic Development Council, and the City of San Antonio, where she launched the Alamo Academies, a nationally recognized apprenticeship program providing high school students with tuition-free pathways into STEM roles in aerospace, information technology, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing. Alison is a Certified Economic Developer and member of the International Economic Development Council, where she stays continually engaged on policy and advocacy issues related to reskilling the workforce. A self-described “skills evangelist,” she has dedicated her career to championing inclusive investments in people that improve individual livelihoods, strengthen regional economies, and support collective prosperity.