Alecia Chenault

Student Care Officer

Western Governors University

Alecia is a first-generation college student who earned her Bachelor of Science, Master of Education, and Master of Public Health degrees. She intimately understands the importance of meeting each student on their unique path to expand access to education. She has dedicated her career to wellbeing and believes that a holistic approach to student wellbeing is crucial for academic success. Alecia’s career began in 2011, providing alcohol and other drug education to students. She went on to build the office of Alcohol and Other Drugs Prevention Education at the University of Dayton. She served as the Assistant Director of Health Promotion and Education at Western Michigan University where she utilizing assessment to build evidence-based wellbeing programs.Her passion for student wellbeing led her to WGU in 2023, where she serves as the inaugural Student Care Officer. In her role she manages the 24/7 Crisis and Critical Needs program, coming alongside faculty and staff to support students experiencing a crisis or critical need. She serves on the Student Wellbeing Services leadership team, creating and implementing student wellbeing initiatives in the ever-growing portfolio of services, knowing that wellbeing is directly related to academic success. “When you focus on the holistic wellbeing of individuals you are doing social justice work. By ensuring that each person reaches their potential we truly impact not only the individual, but their communities and our world.