Aimee Eubanks Davis

Founder & CEO


Aimée (Ah-Me) Eubanks Davis is the founder and CEO of Braven, a national nonprofit working to ensure first-generation and low-income college students have the skills, confidence, networks and experiences they need to land strong first jobs. In what has proven to be a highly-innovative approach, Braven partners with colleges and universities, as well as employers looking to develop their own team members, to prepare and mentor talent that is often overlooked. In the last 10 years, Braven has partnered with nine higher education institutions and more than 100 employers and career partners to empower 10,000 students or “Fellows” on their path to economic mobility. Aimée leads an organization that includes experts in curricular design (with deep partnership from our higher education administration, faculty and staff) and emerging technologies. In 2022, Braven was named one of the best startup employers under the “Education & EdTech” category. The blend Braven has created between education and technology makes the model highly scalable and extremely impactful on the lives of its Fellows. Aimée is a 2023 John P. McNulty Prize winner, 2020 Leadership Greater Chicago Fellow, 2019 Obama Foundation Fellow, Pahara-Aspen Fellow, a member of the Global Aspen Leadership Network, a Braddock Scholar, a Draper Richards Foundation Entrepreneur and a Camelback Ventures Fellow. She also sits on the boards of Relay, OneGoal, and Zearn.