Adam Freed

Managing Partner


Adam Freed is a Managing Partner at GSV Ventures investing in transformative learning companies across the Pre-K to Gray spectrum. He is a happy and proud member of the GSV Family.Adam has spent much of his career building businesses and leading teams in high growth companies. He is current board chair and former CEO of Teachers Pay Teachers. TpT is the go-to site and community for educator-created materials. Adam helped grow the company to its current annual reach of more than 75% of all K-12 teachers in the US Canada and Australia.Prior to TpT Adam served as COO of artisanal goods purveyor Etsy. Adam also led International Product Management and International Sales Operations at Google — before during and after the company’s IPO.Before joining the education and technology worlds Adam was a TV reporter and anchor in both English and Japanese. He is the recipient of both a Knight Fellowship and a local TV Emmy for his work.Adam loves helping other leaders develop and thrive. He has a certificate in executive coaching from Columbia Teacher’s College and is a Pahara Fellow at the Aspen Institute. He got his undergraduate degree at Harvard in Linguistics and his master’s degree from Yale Law School.A Brooklynite for the past decade Adam serves on the board of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and lives in the creative borough with his husband Ken their two children and their dog Kiki.