Adam Fein

Vice President for Digital Strategy and Innovation

University of North Texas

Dr. Adam D. Fein has served as UNT’s Vice President for Digital Strategy and Innovation since November 2018. As the head of online and digital strategies, he leads a university-wide division that is responsible for ensuring a world-class, 21st century institution, redefining public higher education through cutting-edge experimentation where the science of learning is the fulcrum that enables innovative, omnichannel, lifelong education for the North Texas metroplex and learners across the globe. His research is focused on the examination of the cognitive theory of multimedia learning and the effects of disruptive innovation theory in higher education. Prior to joining UNT, Dr. Fein received his Ph.D in Education Policy, Organization and Leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he also served for 17 years in numerous roles with online and innovative education.