Monday, April 15, 2024

4:00 pm
5:30 pm
Torrey Hills A/B, Level 3
Building and Investing in EdTech
Emerging Technologies

WGU Labs Accelerator Pitch Competition

Witness the future of education unfold at ASU+GSV 2024! The WGU Labs Accelerator Pitch Competition culminates in live pitches to established industry judges from innovative EdTech startups vying to win a $50,000 investment, valuable services, and a pilot program with WGU. Join us to watch these companies pitch their solutions for tackling critical challenges like personalized learning, skills-based hiring, and equitable access to education!
Finalists include:

- Alma Learning: Alma Learning empowers time-crunched educators with AI 'Socratic' teacher replicas, offering personalized guidance and engaging students to overcome demotivation and improve learning outcomes. This approach enhances understanding, critical thinking, and lifelong learning, emphasizing quality and personalization through expert collaboration and research beyond mere content delivery.

- ApplyAI: The ApplyAI offers personalized AI coaching to fill the career guidance void: helping users identify strengths, translate their skills into a compelling story on their applications, and navigate the job search process. Its goal is to enhance confidence, secure better jobs, and ensure equal opportunities for everyone.

- Making Space: Making Space addresses disabled worker unemployment by providing free, employer-backed courses tailored to industry needs, coupled with advanced technology to match talent with careers. This initiative promotes long-term success, diversifies workforces, and challenges disability bias, establishing a benchmark for inclusive employment.

- REACH Pathways: REACH Pathways addresses the challenges faced by first-generation and low-income students through a video game-inspired platform that provides community, mentorship, and financial aid. This innovative approach prepares them for in-demand careers, enhances student outcomes, and promotes social mobility by offering a sense of belonging, practical advice, and access to financial resources, paving a direct path to success for underserved students.

- Studious: Studious helps busy professionals study through an AI-driven, gamified learning assistant. By leveraging cognitive and behavioral science, Studious democratizes access to quality upskilling and test preparation, enabling efficient skill acquisition, knowledge enhancement, and career progression for all."