Wednesday, April 17, 2024

10:50 am
11:30 am
Glass Classroom, Town Square
Glass Classroom
Equality + Access

Visualizing the Future: Data & Policy to Advance Educator Diversity

Latinos will soon make up 30% of all students in our nation’s education system and their success will shape our nation’s workforce and economy for decades to come. This growth is happening at a time when issues of diversity, equity and inclusion are under attack - and the voice of Latinos continues to be critically missing and underrepresented in education, especially when it comes to Latinos in the educator workforce.

This workshop will look at innovative efforts to diversify the educator workforce both through the use of policy and data. Workshop presenters will share insights from a groundbreaking effort to forecast the future of Massachusetts’ educator workforce through data visualizations and simulations, and how this data is informing policy interventions and decisions. Workshop participants will discuss the current state of educator diversity in their states and regions, challenges they want to overcome, and walk away with a playbook for how to create a robust and diverse teaching workforce leveraging real-world lessons learned in Massachusetts.