Tuesday, April 5, 2022

8:10 am
10:00 am
Seaport Ballroom A-E, Level 2
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StageX: Tuesday Breakfast


Ike Ramos (Director of Direct Partnerships, Nearpod)

Ed on the Edge - Musical Performance

Michael M. Crow (President, Arizona State University)
Moderator - Tom Friedman (Reporter, NY Times columnist and Pulitzer Prize winning author)

Fast Forward: Envisioning higher education in an unknown future

As the world experiences increasingly rapid and significant social, economic and technological change, could higher education as we now know it become obsolete? What adaptations may be necessary to meet the shifting needs and expectations of modern learners? And what might higher learning look like decades from now? Michael Crow explores these questions and discusses Arizona State University’s response to the evolving role of higher education in a complex and ever-changing knowledge landscape.

Marguerite Kondracke (Co-Founder (retired), Bright Horizons), Stephen Kramer (CEO, Bright Horizons Family Solutions)

Corporate America is About To Get Schooled

What’s the biggest challenge to companies today? It’s not the supply chain or fluctuating global markets. It’s talent – where to get it and which companies will be able to leverage it. Come join Stephen Kramer and Marguerite Kondracke to learn how companies that invest in education both for their workers and children will not only win the talent war but will take the whole game.

Gerald Chertavian (Founder & CEO, Year Up)

America's "Talent" Crisis & How We Build and Opportunity Movement

At a time when our organizations are struggling to find the talent that they need, how can we attract, retain and develop the best talent, while reducing barriers that may prevent talent from finding their way to us? By redefining who we believe is talented and where that talent might reside, organizations have an opportunity to succeed in an increasingly diverse society. Year Up believes there is a tremendous amount we can do to change our behaviors if we accept the belief that talent is distributed evenly – beginning with the removal of the 4-year degree requirement as a condition of application for a job.

Linda Darling Hammond (State Board President in California, Learning Policy Institute)

Join Linda Darling-Hammond, President of Learning Policy Institute on Stage X