Tuesday, April 16, 2024

6:45 pm
8:15 pm
Harbor D, Level 2
Equal Access to the Future
Film Screening
Pre-K to Gray
Wellness/Mental Health

Popcorn and a Movie! Film Screening of America Unfiltered

Grab some popcorn and join us for an audience feedback screening of America Unfiltered!

Wanting to understand a fractured country with a rancorous election underway during a wave of gun violence, two immigrant filmmakers, one from Panama and the other from Russia, journey across the United States revealing an unfiltered, unflinching portrait of America. The filmmakers traveled for nine months in a Mini-Cooper listening to people and recording their stories about what it’s like to live in America today. America Unfiltered draws from a series of raw and emotional encounters on topics ranging from politics and gun control to race and immigration. The film presents an unvarnished vision of our shared humanity and engenders hope for our country’s next chapter.