Tuesday, April 16, 2024

10:10 am
11:40 am
Vista A/B/C, 32nd Floor
Educator x Entrepreneur Exchange

Identity Leadership with Stedman Graham

Join Stedman Graham, author, business advisor, chairman, and CEO of S. Graham and Associates, in a session about Identity Leadership, a self-leadership philosophy based on you cannot lead others until you first lead yourself. The identity leadership 9 step success process is a life management and learning system that teaches you how to organize your life around your identity and who are. In this session you will learn how to self-actualize your potential, how to learn, how to create a vision, how to organize, plan & set goals, how to improve relationships, and how to build a performance mindset. This success process is based on the principle that it doesn’t matter how the world defines you, it only matters how you define yourself. Due to limited capacity for this session, please indicate your interest in attending. Your RSVP will be confirmed by a member of the ASU+GSV team: https://forms.gle/qQnjX79baT9g5SCH6.