Tuesday, April 16, 2024

3:00 pm
3:40 pm
Harbor H, Level 2
AI Revolution
Equality + Access

AI, Equity, and the Blueprint for Accessible Education

Explore the critical juncture where artificial intelligence meets education, emphasizing the urgent need for comprehensive AI guidance at the system level. "AI, Equity, and the Blueprint for Accessible Education” highlights the importance of systemic strategies and frameworks that schools can adopt to leverage AI responsibly, enhancing equity and access across diverse educational landscapes. It's a forward-thinking dialogue on equipping schools with the necessary tools and policies to navigate the AI revolution, fostering environments where technology serves as a cornerstone for equitable learning and the empowerment of every student. Join us in reimagining a future where AI-driven innovations are seamlessly integrated into education systems, bridging gaps and cultivating success for all learners in an ever-evolving digital world