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Don't miss the opportunity to experience innovation in action alongside education leaders and entrepreneurs as you learn, reflect and make meaning of how these innovative approaches might inspire your work!

RSVPs are required to attend a tour, and you must be a registered conference attendee to join. Review the experiences below and sign-up—spots are limited and will fill up quickly. After you reserve a spot, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code. Please bring this the morning of the tour to facilitate easy check-in on April 17th. Estimated departure times are listed below in each tour description. One week before your tour, you will receive a follow-up email from confirming your tour's exact departure time.

A big thank you to our presenting sponsors, The Grable Foundation and Cajon Valley Union School District, and our supporting partners, Big Picture Learning, Learner Centered Collaborative and Project Lead the Way.

If you have any questions, please reach out to See you at the bus stop!

Tour 1: Learner Centered Collaborative's Design39 TK-8 Campus

Estimated tour departure: 7:30am
Estimated return: 11:30am
Transportation: Bus
Theme: TK-8, Design Thinking, Learner Centered Collaborative

Join Learner Centered Collaborative’s Design39 tour for the opportunity to see student-centered learning in action. Talk with Learning Experience Designers (D39's school leaders) and TK through eighth-grade learners as we experience the campus in action. After visiting learning spaces, we will split into breakout sessions to reflect and debrief on guiding questions like:

  • What “shifts” in education will allow for a student-centered learning experience?  
  • How might we tap into the passions and interests of our learners to create peak learning experiences?  
  • How can we thoughtfully use space to enhance learning?
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Tour 2: Big Picture Learning’s San Diego Met High School

Estimated tour departure: 7:30am
Estimated return: 11:30am
Transportation: Bus
Theme: High School, Project-Based Learning, Internship Model

Visit The San Diego Met (housed on the San Diego Mesa College campus) and get an up-close glimpse at how the relationships between students and advisors—and even school leaders—create a truly student-centered learning environment. Learn more about Big Picture Learning’s internship-driven model by speaking directly with students who have gone through their own processes for engaging with the community to explore their own interests through internships. During this experience, you’ll attend a brief orientation with SD Met students and school leadership, take a student-led tour through the Mesa College campus and SD Met classrooms to explore the San Diego Met approach to inquiry-based learning, Advisory, and interest exploration, and reflect on the experience with SD Met students and school leadership using the following guiding questions:

  • What would be possible if we centered our curriculum in the student instead of particular content?
  • What is the role of educators in helping students develop social capital?
  • How do internships and other work-based learning experiences help students develop agency?
  • How might our understanding of rigor and authentic assessment shift when we use the community as a space and resource for learning that is just as impactful as our school building?
  • How can a personalized learning model address equity challenges and achievement gaps?
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Tour 3 & 4: Cajon Valley Union School District

Estimated tour departure: 7:30am
Estimated return: 11:30am
Transportation: Bus
Theme: HS, MS and Elem, Career Pathways

Join us to see Cajon Valley Union School District’s high school, middle school, and elementary school. Start the morning at Bostonia Global High School to learn about the Advisory Model, Leaving to Learn, and how Career’s Education through mentorships prepare students for their future possible selves through gainful employment.  

Hillsdale Middle School will provide an immersive experience in the Launch Pad.  This interactive space will provide insight into the foundational Careers/ World of Work activities designed for students while you share the experience with students and staff.

Chase Elementary School has a deep integration of World of Work and the Literacy tool Beable. See how students learn about their interests, strengths, and values from John Holland’s work by identifying their RIASEC codes. Students at the lowest levels begin self-exploration into their interests through simulations, Meeting a Professional, and practicing possible careers.

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Tour 5: Poway Unified Site Visit

Estimated tour departure: 7:30am
Estimated return: 11:30am
Transportation: Bus
Theme: HS and Elem, Interdisciplinary Learning, Project Lead the Way

Join the Poway Unified Site visit to see hands-on, interdisciplinary learning in action, from the TK/K level to a senior capstone engineering course where students are solving the real-world problems for a local hydroponic fish garden. Start at Valley Elementary and witness cooperative groups at the TK level, with Spanish dual-curriculum, followed by a discussion of student agency and pathway alignment by the teacher. Then travel to the Abraxas Garden, which provides thousands of fresh produce to the community, where seniors will host a discussion of their solutions to the engineering problems facing the water-treatment system. Begin considering the following questions:

  • How do we create hands-on learning with intention for a TK-12 alignment?
  • Where can education align with the challenges facing a community?
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Tour 6: E3 Civic High School

Estimated tour departure: 9:00am
Estimated return: 11:30am
Transportation: Bus
Theme: Design Thinking

Join us for a tour of e3 Civic High given by our scholar ambassadors. See how our mission and vision come to life within our studios and how our Learning Facilitators engage, educate, and empower our learning community.

After touring our campus, participate in a panel discussion and subsequent breakout groups with our Principal, Deans, and Wellness team around these guiding questions:

  • How might we redesign an educational system built for sustainability and replication?
  • How can we use library (partner) resources and spaces to improve educational opportunities for our scholars?
  • How might scholars grow academically through civic engagement?
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Tour 7: JA'S BizTown & Finance Park

Estimated tour departure: 8:30am
Return: 11:45am
Transportation: Bus
Theme: Early Workforce Development, Community Partnership

Join us for a tour of Junior Achievement of San Diego County’s McGrath Family JA BizTown and Mission Fed JA Finance Park. Participants will be able to tour the 10,000-square-foot mini-city comprised of 21 life-sized San Diego businesses and see students connect the lessons learned in the classroom to ‘real-world’ careers. At Finance Park, observe students engaging in an adult life simulation where they learn how to budget, save, and spend for themselves and their virtual families. In both cases, you will witness Capstone experiences that align with in-class curriculum. We’ll explore these guiding questions during the experience:

  • What does “tri-sector engagement” (i.e. public, private, nonprofit) look like and how can it accelerate career/work readiness in K-12 students?
  • How can we continue to infuse standards-aligned work-based learning into traditional classroom lessons.
  • What roles do NGOs and private sector partners play in supporting K-12 educators?
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Tour 8: Altus Schools Resource Center

Estimated tour departure: 8:30am
Estimated return: 11:45am
Transportation: Walking, 20 minutes each way estimated
Theme: Walking, Hybrid, Alternative Model

We will walk to this tour. Join us to see an alternative school model in action at an Altus Schools Resource Center. Experience a blended learning curriculum using new technology along with existing resources and small teacher-to-student ratios. Engage with teachers and students and explore how instructional design is embedded into the design of each resource center—from how they are set up, how students interact with teachers and technology, and how they work independently and at their own pace. As you engage with teachers, students, and each other, you’ll explore guiding questions like:

  • How is data driving instruction and increasing student engagement?
  • Describe the professional development process for teachers.
  • How has a culture of continuous improvement fostered innovation?
  • How does the Resource Center design support the school’s approach to personalized and individualized learning?
  • What types of support and services are available for students to overcome barriers to their education?
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