World-Renowned Author Margaret Atwood To Keynote at ASU+GSV Summit 13.0

December 15, 2021

Atwood is a two-time Booker Prize winner and an author of over 50 books, including The Handmaid’s Tale and its record-breaking sequel, The Testaments. With her work already producing two blockbuster television adaptations (The Handmaid’s Tale and Alias Grace), Atwood’s vision is reaching a wider audience and proving to be more crucial—and prescient—than ever before.

Disco Co-CEO Candice Faktor will be hosting a fireside chat with Margaret Atwood on Stage X, where they will discuss a wide range of issues relating to literature, social activism, and political engagement. They will also cover the creative process, the artist’s role in society, technology, art, and of course, Atwood’s own accomplished body of work.

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