Here Comes the Sun

September 29, 2023

Humankind is quick to point out all of its biggest flaws. The intractable problems. The irreparable damage. The improbability of solutions at scale.

These things aren’t just ‘lamented’ by society, they’re often held up as unassailable truths. If you think there is hope, you’re naive. If you believe in our ability to accomplish the impossible, you’re uninformed.

But there are 7,000 people from 143+ countries coming together in San Diego, California, who know better. Because they understand—from deep personal experience—that human innovation is not to be underestimated, and that there is virtually no limit to what a determined, collaborative, entrepreneurial group of human beings can accomplish.

In short, they have hope.

Not a delusional hope, or a passive, wish-for-the-best hope. A hope inspired by boundless creativity, unflinching clarity, and tireless rigor. A hope that lives within entrepreneurs everywhere.

Maybe that’s why things look a little different to them.

Where there are only problems, they see solutions.

Where there are only obstacles, they see opportunity.

And right when things seem darkest, they see a little light, just peeking over the horizon.