Ed3 DAO and ASU+GSV Summit Partner to Empower Educators

August 22, 2022

As the world continues to evolve technologically, evolving our education system is one of the best ways to provide our students access to an equitable future. At ASU+GSV, we are committed to investigating, supporting, and scaling innovation across the education industry.

Web3, or the evolution of the web, is bringing enormous opportunities for individuals to create new models of learning, earning, community, and teaching. We’ve been studying this space and the rapid movement of resources, ideas, people, and values. In some cases, we’ve found problematic infrastructure and scams, but in others, we’ve found incredible hope, potential, and opportunity for educators and edtech professionals to reimagine education.

We’re excited to announce a special partnership with Ed3 DAO (@ed3dao). It is the first non-profit decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) empowering educators to discover innovative solutions toward human-centered learning. Simply put, it is a type of co-op that is helping educators innovate.

Ed3 DAO aims to educate 1 million educators about web3 and related technologies through it’s certification programs and annual unconference, provide grants toward innovative solutions, and empower educators to found alternative schooling models, through an accelerator program.

ASU+GSV is contributing 10 complimentary tickets to our 2023 annual summit to be raffled by Ed3 DAO to Ed3 Educators NFT holders over the next five months. This NFT serves as a membership to the DAO. Follow along in Ed3 DAO Discord, Twitter, or LinkedIn to learn more. We will also be co-authoring special content across social media about web3 that will support our followers’ understanding of this space. We’ll explore trends, funding, things to avoid, and what the web3 world holds for education.

We’re excited to embark on this journey of web3 learning with everyone following along!