Announcing the Google GSV Fellowship

June 19, 2023

GSV is joining forces with Google for Education to announce the pilot year of our Google GSV Education Innovation Fellowship. This fellowship is designed specifically for top-level instructional district leaders who are committed to working at the intersection of technology and instructional impact to inform the future of education.

By bringing together the most innovative and forward-thinking instructional leaders in K-12 education, we will create a powerful network of change agents working in partnership to influence the EdTech landscape and, most importantly, drive toward rigorous outcomes for our students.

Meet the 2023-2024 Fellowship Cohort

We are honored to introduce the inaugural cohort of Google GSV Fellows! The 25 imaginative and forward-thinking leaders in K-12 education selected are exceptional instructional leaders dedicated to leveraging technology to transform education. Through their service to over 2.2 million students, this year's fellows have a profound impact, fostering opportunities at scale.