Power of Women

Susan Winslow


Macmillan Learning

With over three decades in the education sector, Susan Winslow has been a force for change and transformation within the education technology industry. Leading a global learning team that specializes in higher education and Advanced Placement (AP) high school programs, she has long championed a pedagogical approach to learning, pioneering innovative products and learning experiences that support student engagement and success.

Ms. Winslow’s tenure at Macmillan Learning is marked by her commitment to blending learning science with technological innovation and a belief that investment in education is an investment in human potential. She is a steadfast champion of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and believes that students should recognize themselves in their learning materials.

As the first woman to lead the company, Ms. Winslow has been instrumental in driving Macmillan Learning toward a digital future utilizing the latest in artificial intelligence, learning technologies, data analytics, and user feedback to enhance learning outcomes. Under her leadership, Macmillan Learning has steadily gained market share; developed, tested and launched a new digital learning platform (Achieve) as well as AI-fueled tools for the classroom, and achieved several years of exceptional growth of the High School segment (imprint: Bedford Freeman Worth High School).

Ms. Winslow’s background in content creation and marketing has been central in navigating the complexities of product strategy and development. Under her guidance, Macmillan Learning provides an exceptional suite of tools, content, and services, aimed at boosting academic achievement. Her long-time passion for STEM education led to the formation of strategic partnerships with leading educational institutions and experts, with a clear goal to make education more inclusive, affordable, and impactful.

Her career in publishing has included working with some of the brightest minds in the sciences, social sciences and humanities as well as calling on classrooms in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East. Her belief in the value of education is firm and she remains steadfast in her dedication to fostering curiosity and enabling success for every student, with a goal not just to educate, but to inspire what’s possible for every learner.