Power of Women

Smita Deorah

Co-founder & Co-CEO

LEAD School

Smita Deorah is the co-founder and Co-CEO at LEAD. As the Co-founder, she has been instrumental in developing the LEAD integrated system with extensive benchmarking with some of the best education systems of the world and contextualizing them for the unique needs of affordable schools in India. LEAD integrates world-class curriculum in Languages, Math, Science, Social Sciences, Coding, Life Skills with technology that powers all stakeholders in a school environment. Today, LEAD serves over 1.5MM students across ~4,000 schools. Before co-founding LEAD, Smita founded Sparsh, a non-profit working with the Govt. of Maharashtra in pre-schools in Mumbai. She implemented a pre-school in a box solution in 16 pre-schools around Mumbai to get students school ready and thereby reduce dropouts and low attainment. Sparsh also operates 4 high-quality K-10 affordable schools in small towns in India. Prior to that, Smita spent 9 years in Procter & Gamble Singapore and India as a leader in Finance, Treasury and Strategy.