Power of Women

Jean Eddy

President & CEO

American Student Assistance (ASA)

Jean Eddy is the President & CEO of American Student Assistance. In 2016, evaluated the organization’s purpose to align ASA’s strengths with high student impact areas. During Jean’s tenure, ASA has pivoted from a 65-year history of helping students with college financing and repayment options to a new focus of helping students discover potential career paths earlier in their education journey. She shifted ASA’s focus to help kids–as early as middle school to–know themselves, know their options, and make informed choices about their education and career goals. Jean served on the Board of ASA for 20 years and spent her career in higher education holding numerous senior level positions. Jean is a prior member of the College Board, NASFAA, EASFAA, NACAC & AICAD. Jean served as a trustee for the Providence Foundation & The RI Public Expenditure Council & as president for the RI Assoc. of Student Financial Aid Admin, & Governor Baker's Commission on Digital Innovation & Lifelong Learning.