Power of Women

Bethlam Forsa

Chief Executive Officer

Savvas Learning Company

Bethlam Forsa is the Chief Executive Officer of Savvas Learning Company, a global next-generation learning solutions provider for K-12 education. A dynamic and visionary leader whose career in education and publishing spans over two decades, Bethlam is committed to the idea that a quality education has the power to shape lives, inspire new ways of thinking, and build better communities. With an innovation mindset and a focus on technology’s potential to personalize teaching and learning experiences, she is a recognized trailblazer and changemaker in the K-12 space.  

As the president of Pearson’s U.S.-based K-12 learning division, Bethlam successfully led the business’s divestiture following its sale to Nexus Capital Management in 2019. As president and CEO of the new company, she oversaw its rebranding to Savvas Learning Company and its dramatic transformation in becoming a market leader with its innovative, award-winning product lines, highest-quality curriculum, and best-in-class professional services. Today, Savvas is a global next-generation learning company that delivers superior digital-learning experiences to more than 40 million K-12 students and teachers worldwide.