Your Voice - The Missing Link to Oral Communication with Roger Love

Right now, the number one most requested skillset on Linkedin is oral communication. At the same time, The number one fear in America is speaking in public. Do you see the problem here? The very thing we need to excel at, speaking to one another, is our biggest fear. People are learning hard skills like technology, and failing at interpersonal soft skills like talking. As a voice coach, I’ve spent my professional life helping people use their voices to achieve what they want in life. I realized that the spoken communication system we’ve been taught for centuries is flawed, and that it’s always been that way. We’re all attending the summit to plan for a better future. But unless we globally learn how to speak to one another, to communicate in a way that connects and unites us, the future we hope for may never materialize. The problem with the traditional oral communication method is that its word-based, thinking if you had the right words, you could achieve the outcome you want from the conversations you have. However, science proves that’s not true. The brain processes spoken language first for emotion and then for logic. Words by themselves have no specific emotion attached. We need a new spoken communication system that is sound and emotion based. So I created one. At the summit, I’ll be sharing my DEEP COMMUNICATION system and explaining why it needs to be the new standard for global oral communication learning and application. We can get the people of the world speaking to one another authentically and emotionally. From that place we can come together and make everything better.