Your Data Lack Value, and What You Can Do About It

Your Data Lack Value, and What You Can Do About It: Five Questions that Improve Decision Making in Organizations When it comes to data use in most organizations, our rhetoric outpaces reality. Even though many school districts lay claim to data-driven instruction, too often the expression serves only as a convenient slogan for school improvement plans, conference presentations, and accreditation documents. However, there are practical steps school leaders and those who support schools (personalized learning companies, data analytics product designers, etc.) can take to improve evidence-based decision making.  Dr. Sheltrown will provide lessons learned from National Heritage Academies' (NHA) ten-year journey to build best-in- class data analytics. These lessons can inform the practices of district leaders or those who work to support school districts through software and services.

Nick Sheltrown, Vice President of Analytics and Accountability, National Heritage Academies