Wyatt Smith (UpSmith) Interview at the 2023 ASU+GSV Summit

UpSmith has set out on a mission to expand the talent pool by upskilling millions of people eager to build a set of skills that will unlock high-paying careers in construction and manufacturing. In this video, Joe Murdy from GSV Ventures sits down with Wyatt Smith, the CEO and co-founder of UpSmith, to discuss how their company is solving this critical problem. With a focus on the employer's problem, UpSmith has created a program that sources potential employees based on their aptitude and mindset markers that make them thrive in the job. The training process starts once the screening process is complete, where UpSmith facilitates rapid 90-day upskilling programs that end with credentialed workers taking on jobs in the future. Wyatt also talks about their partnerships with some of the world's best training and content providers, which is core to credentialing. Watch this interview with Joe and Wyatt to explore UpSmith's unique approach to solving the skilled labor crisis in America.