Working with Displaced Learners: SNHU’s Global Education Movement

With over 70 million displaced people worldwide, a parallel crisis is also emerging: around the world only 3% of refugees have access to higher education, compared to a global average of 34%. In addition to fueling inequity, this gap entrenches people in a system of disenfranchisement, excluding refugees from acquiring the credentials and skills required to be economically empowered decision-makers in their own lives or to become effective advocates for their communities. Come hear about how Southern New Hampshire University’s Global Education Movement (GEM) is aiming to solve this complex challenge. GEM is creating pathways for refugees to pursue accredited degrees and employment and leadership, preparing graduates for careers and transformative action in their communities, general workplaces, and the humanitarian system. GEM has begun to drive systemic change through the growing international network of graduates, who are set to become key leaders in the search for solutions to the global refugee crisis. There is no better time to build a solution that empowers refugees and offers an alternative narrative to refugee life outcomes.


Chrystina Russell

Noria Dambrine Dusabireme