Will Generative AI be the World’s Greatest Learning Acceleration?

AI is already sparking a reframing of how and why we educate. Will generative AI be the world's greatest learning acceleration? This panel from the 2023 Leaders Summit, moderated by Steven Butschi (Director of Education at Google) has a variety of perspectives. Hear from Elijah Mayfield (Advisor at GSV Ventures), Sergey Karayev (Co-founder of Volition), Jules White (Associate Dean of Strategic Learning Programs & Professor of Computer Science at Vanderbilt University), Isabelle Hau (Executive Director at the Stanford Accelerator for Learning).

Leaders Summit is a gathering of leaders across the "Pre-K to Gray" learning and skills landscape. In 2023, education innovators met in Nashville, Tennessee for striking conversations about the future of digital learning and workforce skills in a dynamic, rapidly changing global landscape.