What Works Where, and Why?: The EdTech Genome Project

Your edtech product is great. Some schools use it exactly as you intend, and see great results. But other schools struggle to implement your product. And some schools fail entirely. Why?  What are the contextual factors that explain these disparities among different school environments?  How can understanding these variables lead to better matches between a school and the products that are most likely to thrive in their unique environment? These questions have only become more urgent as we look to recover from the COVID-19 learning crisis. To help answer them, the EdTech Evidence Exchange (formerly known as the Jefferson Education Exchange) and the University of Virginia launched the EdTech Genome Project. For the past 18 months, dozens of industry experts, researchers, practitioners, and system leaders have been developing a common language, measurement instruments, and a framework that we can all use to better understand context.

Come hear from the leaders of this sector-wide initiative and learn how this project can potentially help you dramatically improve the usage and impact of your technologies.

Moderator: Rose Else-Mitchell


Malvika Bhagwat

Bart Epstein

Anthony Kingston

Lanette Trowery