What Makes the EdTech Ecosystem “Down Under" So Fertile?

Australia has been an innovator in educational access and opportunity from school to work since the 1960s. Australians have used ever-more sophisticated technology for “distance learning” to reach outback communities, prioritizing the promise of experiential, work-ready skills as a key outcome of its 43 universities, and continuously updating the workplace to be more flexible and learning-centric, leveraging technology and talent. The most recent Australian Employer Satisfaction Survey across more than 5000 workplaces shows a staggering 87% satisfaction with graduates skills, specifically the ability to innovate in the workplace. Hear how these Aussie CEO’s and entrepreneurs are driving learning innovations to change the future of learning and work.

Moderator: Rose Else-Mitchell

Speakers: Dror Ben-Naim, Nikki James, Natasha Monks, Adam Brimo, Amanda Bickerstaff