Remote Learning Technology and the Development of Social Emotional Skills

People are increasingly concerned about the impact of internet technology and social media on children’s and adults’ social and emotional skills and increases in mental health problems, including anxiety and depression. At the same time, new apps and games are being released each day, some which are designed to develop social and emotional skills. There also is conflicting research and many things we do not know about impact of tech on people’s well-being. In this session, we bring together leaders in digital technology, online citizenship, gaming, and social media to discuss the ways technology can either enhance or interfere with healthy social and emotional development, including the skills associated with self- and social-awareness, responsible decision making, and building and maintaining of positive relationships, which promote greater wellbeing and contribute to both life satisfaction and success.

Moderator: Marc Brackett

Panelists: Karen Cator, Mark Sparvell, Linda Burch, Jennifer Hanley