Welcome and Opening Keynote: Fork in The Road

Michael Moe (Founder & CEO, GSV) at the GSV+Emeritus India Summit.There’s no more important education market in the world than India. To understand the importance of education for the 1.4 billion population (600 million of which are school age), top teachers and students have headline articles written about them in newspapers. Teachers are treated like rockstars. India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is booming. There are 108 unicorns in India, 8 of which are in education. By 2030, India will have 90 million people joining the workforce, 2x as many students attending higher education, and 2x as many people in high income and middle-income segments. To fuel this growth, Indian startups will need access to more than $800 billion in capital by 2030. India is a critical part of the world of education and innovation.