Using Skunkworks to Radically Innovate K-12 Education

Using Skunkworks to Radically Innovate K-12 Education The founders of an innovative new high school reveal the secret to winning a $10 million XQ Super School award. Design-Lab High uses a design-thinking learning platform developed by Design-Lab Schools LLC. Design-Lab High School set up a separate non-profit organization (a think tank of volunteers) to carry on research and development to support ongoing innovation for the school. The "think tank" of the school founders, parents, local business people, higher education faculty, community innovators, entrepreneurs, and students carried on skunkworks during the time that the school administration and teachers were busy with the hard work of day to day school operations. They continue to work on innovation to meet the ongoing challenges of exponential growth in educational technology and practices.

Cristina Alvarez and Martin Rayala, Co-Founders, Design-Lab High School